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A Friendly And Personal Estate Planning Attorney Helping Families

For 15 years, the Law Office of Carrie Kemper Allen, PLLC, in Pearland, Texas, has been a local resource for families in need of estate planning. Our clients throughout the south Houston metro have relied on our skills, advice and understanding when it comes to estate planning, probate and estate administration, and creating trusts and wills.

You want to protect your assets for your family, beneficiaries and heirs while providing everyone with peace of mind that plans have been successfully put in place. Attorney Carrie Kemper Allen operates a solo practice, so you get the one-on-one attention that you need.

Easy-To-Understand Explanations And Solid Guidance

Many people view estate planning as intimidating and complicated. It is not and does not have to be. With estate planning, many legal options exist for families. Ms. Kemper Allen will provide easy-to-understand explanations for families that are young, old and of all sizes. Learn more about her experience and that of her associates at the following links:

Here are the areas in which she can help you:

  • Estate planning: We help you create wills and trusts that include durable powers of attorney for finances and health care, as well as designations of beneficiaries and guardianships and living wills.
  • Probate and estate administration: We cover many topics such as the appointment of an executor, will validation, determining value of assets, paying bills and taxes, settling disputes among heirs, and distribution of the estate.
  • Trusts: With a revocable or living trust, you can decide what happens to your estate while you are still alive. A trust can help provide for your children and dependent adults, and you can avoid the time-consuming probate process.
  • Wills: A will can prevent any confusion among beneficiaries. We can create wills for a modest estate as well as for more substantial estates.

When we take care of families, our community becomes a better one. As a reliable, compassionate and decisive attorney, Ms. Allen Kemper will guide you from the beginning.

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When you need a hometown attorney who is invested in the community, look no further than the Law Office of Carrie Kemper Allen, PLLC, in Pearland, Texas. For 15 years, attorney Carrie Kemper Allen has provided a personal legal touch for families with estate planning needs. We represent clients throughout Brazoria, Galveston and Harris counties. For an initial consultation, please contact our team via this online form or call 713-804-5889.